Fabric addict needs a fix

Spring is here and I am READY! My dressing room is buzzing with originals in flora and fauna and geometrics of every kind! How is that possible, you ask? Well, though I didn’t post about it till last week, I made the bamboo leaf dress back in February! It took me a few weeks of hemming and hawing (ugh!) and reading sewblogs before I decided to join the conversation.

My dress rail. Right by my sewing machine. My happy place.

In the meantime, I’ve been busy! I’ll catch up with a photo shoot this week. But here’s a preview! Hmm. Seeing them all together, I’m thinking I should go find some solid colored fabric. I may get dizzy in my own closet!

This week’s creation: my first Emery Dress! After reading so much about this re-imagined vintage look by Christine Haynes, I had to try it.


I chose a cotton print by Ty Pennington, which I found at Textile Fabrics in Nashville. What an unusual find! You won’t see this in your average crafty warehouse store! I think the stylized fish and medallions give it a retro flair without going too far.

It was very windy! The hem is straight, really!

The Fit: I’ve stayed away from bust darts because they usually look funny on me, choosing princess seamed bodices instead. But I really wanted to make this dress. After several efforts I discovered I may not need an SBA, but just a lift at the shoulders! Of course! When I do that, everything falls pretty much into place!


Then I adjusted the neckline down a bit so the collar would fit. I didn’t have to cut the armholes down because that’s another area where I’m not normal – ha! Am I seeing a metaphor for life? Trying to find my style (casual, breathable fabrics in fun prints), I’m getting to know myself in other ways — finding my fit (not too tight or revealing, but not shapeless either).

Image 41

Something to think about. Does this mean I should be living at the beach?


The Finish: I hadn’t done an invisible zipper in years so it took a little mental gymnastics but I remembered my Mom’s advice (trust the pattern!), and went for it. The result is very sleek. I’ll be doing it again. I hand stitched the lining (cotton lawn) along the waist and to enclose the zip, rather than machine stitching; it makes a nice clean look. Looks like I should’ve spent my time matching up the print though. Oh well. Next time!


I just love the collar on this dress!  Maybe I’ll make it again in something dressy. Black silk? Chiffon?


Speaking of which, it turns out my biggest worry about restarting my sewing hobby – would I be able to find interesting fabric – is a nonissue! Yay for online fabric stores! The UPS truck is an exciting sight these days.

What are your favorite fabric websites? Or do your local stores sell online? Please share! This fabric addict needs a fix!




9 thoughts on “Fabric addict needs a fix

  1. Oh wow! That rail of dresses , you have really inspired me to get sewing again, I havn’t used my sewing machine for many years now preferring knitting as a hobby, but since reading some amazing sewing blogs such as Dolly Clackett and seeing your photo of those dresses, Im going to start again, Ive been collecting several patterns from independent designers such as Laurel and the Emery dress, so that should be a good start, what patterns have you used for your dresses in the photo, Thank you so much

    1. Thank you! It’s all about inspiring each other, isn’t it? I am so inspired by so many sewers out there and tickled pink that I’ve managed to inspire someone myself!!! Some of my favorite patterns are Vogue 1348 (easy peasy and simple to fit), New Look 6824 and 6723 are great sundresses and have lots of options. I don’t remember the others (we’re staying on the boat this weekend so I don’t have access to my stash) but I’ll be posting a ‘gallery’ soon, with info on each dress. Thanks again for the encouraging comment!!!

  2. Your dresses and the fabrics you have used are beautiful! I am just starting out on my blogging/dressmaking journey and your page is so inspiring. Thanks for sharing your creative talents!

    1. Wonderful! I’m excited for your journey. It’s amazing, the great fabrics available out there! Thank you for the complements… But if you’re not following Dolly Clackett, you’re missing a lot of inspiration! She’s ‘da bomb!’

    1. OOps! As you can see I’ve been out of the bloggosphere for a while. I’m back, and appreciate your comment! Now what did I make from that fabric…? Well, there’s more coming, believe me!

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