Queen Anne in cotton

Happy Easter everyone!

This display makes me smile every time I stop in at Textile Fabrics. The old-timey sweetness. Makes me want an Easter basket, full of chocolate bunnies and peeps!
I’ve been loving the beautiful flowering trees this week.
I try to walk a few miles each day, and along the way I pass redbuds, cherries, pears and dogwoods.
Soon they’ll all be leafed out and green, which is good too, but this is a special time of year.

Besides making me sneeze, all these showy blossoms have put me in a flowery mood, sewing wise. This fabric by Dear Stella is splashed with one of my favorite wild flowers – Queen Anne’s Lace.


Not only is it delicate and beautiful – it’s edible! According to Wikipedia, the tuberous root is similar to a carrot, the leaves can be used in salads and the flowers can be deep fried! Who knew?!  But be careful – there are similar looking plants that are poisonous. Oh dear, Stella.

It’s a big print – and obviously a one way – so I was careful to cut it out with the flowers all facing up. However, I must have been channelling Dolly Clacket when I put it together. I sewed the back of the skirt on upside down! OK, I was listening to an audiobook while I was sewing and evidently paid more attention to the John Sanford thriller than the pattern…


I’d added fullness when I cut it out to make the dress fluffier, but I wondered why it seemed so much fuller in back than in front. (I do like vintage, but I’ve no need for a bustle on my backside if you know what I mean.) Well, that’s what happens when you gather the hemline rather than the waistline on an a-line! So, my seam ripper came in handy yet again.


I used an exposed zip in a contrasting color to keep it on trend and big covered buttons because I’d run out of the middle size.


I’m not sure if covered buttons are in style these days but I like them! You’ll see them a lot on my makes.


So, there’s my Easter dress, taking a boat ride. Happy spring, y’all! Go make a dress of your own!




4 thoughts on “Queen Anne in cotton

  1. You are so talented and beautiful!! I love all of your dresses and would buy one of each. Maybe you could do a fashion show on the boat. Meet you there!

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