Still life turned party dress

Hello friends! I mentioned in my first post a month ago that I was inspired by a festive sundress by Miuccia Prada (who wouldn’t be?!). It was a big bold print in a simple design. Special to wear, like you’re walking around in an oil painting. In a good way.

Here’s my response!

Image 1

It’s Vogue pattern 1348. I made it out of a Waverly home dec fabric. I know, I know. But it’s so pretty!


I washed it to soften it up. I’m not sure this fabric is supposed to be washed but I figured I might as well find out before spending a day sewing on it. It wrinkled and got a bit ravelly, but nothing a little ironing and trimming couldn’t handle. I like the weight and texture. Because it’s heavier than a basic cotton or rayon, I made it with facings instead of a lining to keep it from being too bulky.



This design feels modern to me, with the big box pleats, sleek fit and no waistline seam, so I used a fully exposed zipper. And because I wanted to test out a nifty new foot I bought from Bernina, I made some matching piping for the neckline. Gotta love all the cool sewing machine feet these days. Back when I was a girl (sorry), we had your basic foot and a zipper foot. Period. Now there are dozens!

Image 2

I love that this pattern has the pockets tucked in the side pleats. Neat!

Image 3

OK. Now I’m feeling artsy. Ready for an exhibit opening or a champagne brunch. So I think I’ll call it the gallery hop dress. What are you working on?

3 thoughts on “Still life turned party dress

  1. Great dress and I think the fabric design is fab, I’ve often seen home furnishing fabrics in a linen blend and thought ‘I’d love to make a skirt out of that’ ,well now I shall, thanks for your great ideas, Ann

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