Mad for Me-Made-May!

Maybe I’m crazy. I’ve made two sewing related pledges this week. Or was it three? This is what happens when I keep clicking on links and find myself reading about what everyone’s up to!

Me-Made-May is a super idea by Zo ( She’s encouraging those who like to create their own wardrobe to wear it and share it. More inspiration! Thank you! She’s asking that if you already wear your handmade clothes, you give yourself a bit of a challenge. I’ve thought about that. I’m not a knitter, and don’t feel the urge to make hats or shoes, so I’m thinking I’ll step out of my comfort zone (yes, dresses) and try my hand at a jacket, skirt, top or pants! So, here’s my pledge:

‘I, LauraJane – – sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I will endeavor to wear a handmade item at least five days a week for the duration of May 2014. And, to make it more challenging, I will try my hand at making something besides a dress once each week!’

I haven’t decided if/where I’m going to post my pics… I may join the flickr group or I think there’s a Pinterest page too. I flunked the challenge the first week. Of course I wore plenty of handmade dresses, but didn’t have time to make a skirt! Next week, two.

And because I am a nut, I’ve also signed up  for the Monthly Stitch challenge to Sew Stretchy! Here’s my first attempt. I love it so much I’ve worn it twice this week!

Heat mapping fabric from Mood! It’s so comfy I feel like I’m still in my nightie. After I wore it once I went online and ordered the pink/green version!

It’s Vogue 1179, a Donna Karan NY design. Quick and easy to make – and I mean quick! The only trick was loosely matching the wavy stripes. This is my kind of pattern matching!

Nice quick pattern. No zipper, no buttons, no hand stitching unless you want to.

As you can see, it’s not designed as a maxi. But it seemed the perfect dress to lengthen, since  it’s basically straight but flows softly from those neckline pleats. The back is a little plain – but not in this fabric! The next time I may leave the collar off so the pleats show more, and make it longer so I can belt it.

This is a grainy cell phone pic but I had to share the Murphy’s Law moment… we went to the beach… and it rained! But hey, I had a great dress to wear!

I’ve just received another nice little package from Mood… How handy that they offered 20% off all jersey knits just in time for the sew stretchy challenge! And my friends have been asking for this one, so I may start some selfless sewing. More dresses of our own to come!


7 thoughts on “Mad for Me-Made-May!

  1. I think I need this pattern! Your fabric choice is perfect and I love the longer version. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh yes, do get the pattern! So easy! I have another good one I’ll post soon – Very Easy Vogue 8724. I made a maxi of it too but haven’t got a picture yet. 🙂

  2. Laura, this is so cute! Love it, love your blog and love everything you’ve posted. I’m jealous and wish I had time to sew.

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