Vintage bling in a modern wardrobe

Like most women, I’ve collected a lot of jewelry over the years. Some good, most costume, all fun. One of the most interesting collections I have is a box of vintage brooches. It represents many hours of wandering antique shops with my friend Irma, my hubby, or alone for some quiet time. At first I was attracted to the colors and sparkle. Anymore, it has to be an interesting shape too.

Image 2
It’s fun to see them on my dresser. But how often do I wear them?
Most of my vintage pieces are a bit on the gaudy side for a modern wardrobe. I’ve tried it, and I just can’t walk out the door with one of these pinned to a dress. A coat, yes.
This Bakelite pin is a favorite! Sadly though, I did not make the coat.
It’s easy to attach them to pearls, for a glam choker effect.
Sometimes I like to use the smaller ones in a grouping. Here I have two lively ladies with a songbird. Another favorite combo is a bug, flower and bird. There’s no limit! Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Irma agrees of course.
This one was my Mother’s! Clearly she was classy. I’m sure she never wore it on a jean jacket, but she wouldn’t mind.

Recently a new brainwave hit me – I love a beaded bag — why not make my own? Obviously I’ve got the bling. Now to find the right bag to pin it to. Nothing in my closet. No, really. So, it’s more antiquing with Irma! After several days of browsing through shops in Nashville, Franklin and Murphreesboro, here’s what I found.

An amazing velvet bag, from the 50s or 60s I’d guess. Love the lucite clasp!

The velvet is in great shape and it doesn’t even smell funny inside like so many vintage bags! We had shopkeepers watching us, as we sniffed around. But this one was a score at $30. It’s about 8″ long by 4″ high and 4″ deep. Plenty of space for star spangling! Irma found one too but I didn’t get a picture.

I call it the Wicked Bag, since it made its debut at that unforgettable show when it came to Nashville in March. But really it’s sweet. Like BA-Linda, the Good Witch.
Jewel encrusted on all four sides… it’s pretty heavy!

I’ve carried this quirky thing to go antiquing and, of course, found a few more pins to add! No blank space, please! Someone asked me if I was making them to sell. Hmm. I’d actually hate to add up what this thing cost me, one pin at a time. Irma, if you’re tuned in, we want to see what you did with yours too!

How do you bling?


3 thoughts on “Vintage bling in a modern wardrobe

  1. I like the brooch that looks like Carmen Miranda! I have a friend who would go nuts for that purse. I myself hardly have time to dress in the morning, let alone put on jewellery!

  2. I love the Carmen too! What a find! I know what you mean about finding time – this was a rainy day project, done over many rainy days! But it is a good way to store/display the contents of my junk drawer!

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