Living in color

I’m often called colorful. I’m trying to remember when and why this started. Maybe it was my home decor style. Our furniture and walls are mostly neutral, splashed with original works of art by my amazing friends Irma and Ellen among others.

My wardrobe, as you know, is pretty colorful too! I figure, my skin and hair are the neutral background… so I consider clothes to be wearable art.

Image 3
Talavera is a folkloric style of Mexican pottery — colorful!

Speaking of which. Last year, when I was laid up with a broken wrist and couldn’t get out much (no jogging, no jarring, no dancing, no fun!), I got a crazy idea inspired by a beautiful Talavera style platter I’d found in the Atlanta High Museum of Art gift shop.

My old Schwinn cruiser was gathering dust in the garage… so I painted it! What? How did I make that leap? I honestly don’t remember. I know Irma was painting, had easels and canvases all over, so I think I just started looking around – what can I paint? Here is the result of that crazy brainwave.

Writer’s Block Dress. New Look 6824. I can’t remember who made this fab fabric, but I do remember I found it at Textile Fabrics in Nashville. I think it goes with the bike quite well. Mixing patterns is in, right?

It took time, as you might imagine, but I had plenty of it. Irma got me started. You can see her artistry on the chain guard.


I pulled some details from the platter, like these curvy arrow thingies and leafy flowery designs. I did my own interpretation, as the curves of the frame make it hard to be precise. I realized outlining the shapes made them pop, so experimented until I found a tiny enough brush to get it right. Sort of.


I covered every inch, even the whitewall tires. When I couldn’t think of what else to do, I added vines and dots.


And when I was done with what I could reach, I asked Roger to turn it upside down so I could paint the underside.


I used acrylic paints, which dry quickly, and coated it all with a gloss glaze to protect it from weather.


I’m no artist, but I can doodle with the best of ’em. And when our grand daughter Melody came to visit, she added little hearts here and there.


It had been hanging on the wall, but as we’re starting to prepare for our move we brought it down yesterday.

Doesn’t everyone have a bike on their living room wall?

I started wondering, with all that paint, is it still rideable? Yes, it is! it creaks a little. Maybe a little oil would be good.


Bye for now, y’all. Live colorfully!



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