Amazing fit in feathers

As promised last week, I finished up that feathery dress. It was hard to do, because on Tuesday I got a box from Holland with some AMAZING wax cotton from Vlisco! But that’s for September and we’re still loving Summertime here. So perfect for fabrics like this lovely cotton lawn.

Seabreeze Dress; Simplicity 0500

Now that it’s done I’m wondering if I chose the right design for the fabric. It’s so sheer and light, it seems like it wants to be fully gathered into a big pouffy skirt. But in my one track mind, I wanted something without a waistline seam but still somewhat fitted. And this was the fabric I’d been itching to cut into, so it was inevitable. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s pretty. First world problem!


I often forget to pull out my scarves once Summer gets here. Thanks for the reminder, Jane, of Handmade Jane! Love how this one keeps me from blending into the background!

I used Simplicity 0500 – one of their Amazing Fit patterns. What makes for an amazing fit? Well, this one comes with multiple sets of pattern pieces, for slim, average and curvy shapes.

These patterns also include detailed fitting instructions which would be particularly helpful for beginners. They have you baste critical fit seams like the bodice side panels and side seams, for example, so you can adjust the fit before stitching with a regular length stitch. They also allow a full inch for the side seams, so lots of room for tweaking!

The instructions also explain that you can remove more from one side of a seam than the other – in other words your seam allowances don’t have to be even. Sometimes I need to remove more from the front than the back of an armhole, for example. I remember when I first learned this! Big eye-opening moment!

I’m not so sure this particular amazing fit pattern is a good one for beginners though. Because it has lots of pattern pieces, and lots of curved seams, which can be intimidating. Just look at the convergence going on at the side seam!


And then, if you’re a goof like me and pick a sheer fabric, you have to do it all again for the lining!


The sleeves are interesting on this design. They have an overarm seam, which adds a step but also makes for a nice sort of tulip shape. And there’s a sweet little cutout at the hemline. I love this detail and will use it again on other patterns. Don’t you love to hack patterns together?! I wonder if Emery would like to wear this sleeve? Oooh I know – the Ultimate Shift from Sew Over It!


The China silk lining feels like exactly nothing on your skin, it’s so light and smooth. I finished it with a little lace because, well just because. Why not?


I’m not sure what is the proper way to finish an armhole when you line the dress but not the sleeve. The pattern didn’t use a lining so I just did it my way. I trimmed and finished all the seam allowances, pressed them toward the dress and slip stitched the lining to the sleeve, right at the seam. It seems like a neat way to do it, but I’m sure there’s an easier way.


I do like the pattern but I think if I make it again I’ll use something with a little stretch. Maybe a solid color? Nah.


What’s next? I’m inspired by Ginger of Ginger Makes to do a little dude sewing! Roger will be getting a Vlisco shirt! I ordered three of their vibrant African inspired fabrics to make up for myself, but when he saw them he liked one particularly… so his wardrobe is about to get livelier! That makes sense, living at the beach. But he says no pony tail. Oh well. What are you up to?



4 thoughts on “Amazing fit in feathers

  1. What a cute feather dress! I definitely agree that the cut of the sleeves is really lovely. The notch on it gives it some interest without being too over-the-top.

    As for whether or not to line the sleeve, I would have maybe underlined them… More for lining consistency and to give the sleeve a little more body. But then again, if you wanted the more relaxed sleeve, I would probably have followed your example!

    The fit looks great!

    1. Thanks! I wanted the sleeves to be sheer — it’s hot here and I’m OK with see-through on that part of my anatomy! Otherwise, you’re right about the interlining. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

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