Sewing junk, suitable for framing

Roger and I love browsing antique/junk shops. And we love to repurpose things in fun ways. Since as sewers we all have so much STUFF to store, I thought I’d share how we’ve reorganized my sewing space, by adding MORE junk to it!

Vintage frame, the Emporium, Belleair Bluffs, FL

I had these spool racks hanging in my laundry room because really they weren’t all that pretty and my sewing nook is in the living room nowadays. But then it hit me – I’ve also got these cool painted frames I’ve been picking up in antique shops. And one was even hanging in my sewing nook because I just liked it there. Roger cut the spool racks into pieces so they’d fit in the frames, and voila!

Image 1
Should I switch it around and put the blue-green colors in the red frame, and the red-pink range in the blue one? Maybe the pink and yellow should go in the gray frame and the black-gray-white should go in a drawer. Will I drive myself crazy?

Here are some other ways we’ve used junk or treasures we already had lying around, or went out and hunted down… (click on the pictures to see the details!)

OK, I showed you mine, now what about yours? How do you store your stash?


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