All wound up!

OK I’m obsessed with Vlisco. Here’s another fluffy dress from some more AHmazing fabric!

Image 3
It’s really not that short! I think it was hitched up when I leaned on the railing!

A happy dress with wind-up toy birds, nestled in leafy branches and framed in 3D zigs and zags! What’s not to love?! There’s not much more to say… it’s just another New Look 6723 (which, I honestly can’t tell apart from 6824 once they’re in my closet!)… but the FABRIC!!! Soft yellow, cool green, hot pink, and a little black for drama. Oh yeah!

The colors show up much better in the indoor photos. Why is that???

Image 8

I used the sweetheart neckline variation this time which was a big step out of my comfort zone.

Image 7

The bodice lining and pockets are made of pink cotton lawn.

Image 5

I did spend a good bit of time with the layout on this one, trying to decide on bird placement. Do I want a huge pink bird in the middle of my chest? Hmm. Maybe not.So I put one on the side of my chest! I decided to focus on the zig zag thing on the front.

Image 9

Then I set a bird wandering down the back. Note the pattern matching on the zipper… sort of. I let the toy birds land where they would all over the skirt.

Image 4

Yay for wind-up toy birds! Heehee! How often do you get to say that?! They just make me smile.

Image 2
Play Date Dress, in Vlisco cotton.

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