OWOP: a fit and flair in cotton, seven days a week!

The challenge from Handmade Jane was, for one week, to wear one pattern (OWOP!). Anyone who’s followed me at all won’t be surprised to see what I wore… It’s New Look #6723. I don’t need to tell you I love this pattern! Here’s why:

1. It’s easy to fit. The princess-seamed bodice gives you six ways to adjust so it can be customized to most any body shape.

2. It’s easy to wear. Gathered skirts are both comfortable and practical. They don’t show every little wrinkle from sitting or seat belts, and they’re obviously nice and loose – perfect for hot summer days. (What will be my excuse when it’s winter?)

3. It’s flattering. I think for most women making your waist a focal point is a good thing. I don’t make my dresses tight at the waist because I’m all about comfort, but the overall nipped-in shape is an effortless way to look like a girl!



11 thoughts on “OWOP: a fit and flair in cotton, seven days a week!

  1. What a fab selection of dresses! You’re right, making the waist a focal point is an effortless way to look like a girl! Particularly like the dress in the final pic – lovely! x

    1. Thanks Jane! After seeing your post and some others, I realize I may have missed the point of this challenge – showing different ways to style the same garments! There are some variations (in the captions), like linings v facing v bias finishes, invisible v exposed zippers, added fullness etc, but they’re pretty much the same dress, worn the same way. Oh well… next time! Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Very great choice on your OWOP! I think you have enough variety in each of your pieces that it doesn’t get monotonous and it’s very easy to disguise that it’s the same pattern. Another one of the bloggers I follow (http://allspiceabounds.wordpress.com/2014/09/13/one-week-one-pattern-the-parade-of-archers/) did the same challenge, but unfortunately she wasn’t as happy about it as you were in the end. Still, though, it takes some dedication to be able to make a bunch of iterations of the same pattern and still keep it fresh. Great job!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts and compliments! They mean a lot coming from you. Your work is exquisite! I tend to make simple things that can be done quickly. I visited your friend and really enjoyed her perspective. Thanks for the tip! Keep calm and stitch on!

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