Dude sewing: Vogue 8800

Inspired by one of my muses, Sonja of Ginger Makes, I decided to make a shirt for my husband. He got lit up about the idea – even chose a piece of fabric from my stash. So there was no backing out. (I hope you don’t mind that I copied your terminology, Ginger, but it’s just perfect. Plus, imitation is the highest form of flattery and your blog is great!)

Image 7

The pattern is definitely weekend wear — the norm at least for our beach town. Not quite the thing for the corporate world he lives in on weekdays. The fabric is a voile by Vlisco. With the vibrant colors we expect from Vlisco, the voile is much softer and lighter than their wax print cottons. It has a drape that’s almost a shame to waste – I mean use – on a dude project. Light and sheer, it would have to be lined if it were a dress. Vlisco has a huge line of stunning voiles. Worn with a cami, they could be amazing tops for a dudette as well.

There’s a difference in attitude that comes with time away from work, isn’t there? And after 23 years, I can tell when it clicks in for him. Back in our entrepreneurial years it sometimes took a week of vacation before the stress started to drain away. A Tommy Bahama style shirt wouldn’t have helped much. These days, working in a healthy company with wonderfully supportive coworkers, his smiles come easier.

So every weekend I spend time with what I call “Vacation Roger.” Vacation Roger sometimes doesn’t shave. He might wear flip-flops. He laughs more readily. And he’s up for adventure. Floating in the ocean on a noodle? Sure! Antiquing in downtown St. Pete? Yeah! Greek lunch at a sponge diving town? Why not?! Fabric shopping in Tampa? Absolutely!

Image 12

So that’s the vibe this shirt represents. Dudes on vacation. For lazy days of coffee and sidewalk cafes, music and cosmos. It’s a simple design. I think I’d recommend the pattern though I do think Vogue could do a better job of describing how to do a french seam on an armhole. But check out the pattern matching down the front!!

Image 9

I just can’t say enough about Vlisco’s colors! I think the overlapping, offbeat circles and squares give it a retro-mod look. And hey, the buttonholes and topstitching came out quite well!

Image 10

Here’s a closer look at my pattern matching! This is not generally my strength, so I am taking a moment to celebrate a small victory. I forgot to add a pocket though, for sunglasses. Back to the sewing machine. Have you made something for the man in your life?


6 thoughts on “Dude sewing: Vogue 8800

  1. Oh my goodness – I am SO. IMPRESSED with that pattern matching! And I’m also totally impressed with the fabric. It’s beautiful. I’ve only made one shirt for hubby so far. Maybe I shouldn’t show him this.

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