The boucle blues

Don’t get used to it. I won’t be writing this often.. but this is a catch up post. I actually made this before Christmas. I fell in LOVE with this fabric! The color! The texture! And since the stars had aligned and my beloved Textile Fabrics was having a big sale at the time, I bought 2.5 yards – enough to make a cape. But then I found a pink plaid by Milly, which I thought would make a better cape. So what to do with the blue boucle?

I poured over coat patterns. This one grabbed me. Modern, but not boxy. Just look at that big collar! It went together easily enough. Except that it took a whole week. That’s a big commitment for me. I’m usually a start-today-wear-it-tomorrow kinda sewer. So here’s the blues part. I added piping, which I made from a gorgeous contrast fabric I chose for the under collar/hood. But when it came time to turn it up for a hem – a bagged hem no less – the piping complicated matters. It’s hard enough to get a crisp fold on this spongy fabric without adding extra bulk.

I fixed it by taking some tiny hand-picked stitches through all the layers right into the ditch near the hemline on each seam with piping. Pretty good. The weight of the fabric makes it fall into folds, but the hem is straight – believe me! I never spent so much time on a hem! Hey take a look at the gorgeous lining! Should I get more of this silk and make a dress? Would that be too much? Huge brilliant paisleys, walking down the street? I might have to find out.
More blues. (And a bit of a pattern critique here.) I do love the big collar look, but it needs adjusting all the time to keep those artistic folds. Sometimes you can see the snap and I DON’T like that. And, if you walk around with it open (which you have to do because the lining is worth seeing) that snap is showing. What do I do? Replace it with button and button hole? A button and loop? Take the collar off and change its shape altogether? Or put up with it? So far, that’s what I’m doing.

It’s pretty from the back, too. Which we should be whenever we can. Note how the black peeks out from under the collar? The fun is in the details. Oh, speaking of which – look at the pocket!

All in all it’s not bad for my first full on winter coat. In principle it should be no different from making a light jacket in linen, but in practice it’s much more work. The lint alone! And the smell of wet dog from steam ironing! Worth it? Yes. I do love the blues.


9 thoughts on “The boucle blues

  1. Omg I would kill for that lining! And the coat looks fantastic, the piping might have made the job hell, but oh so worth the effort!
    I’ve made that coat too, but my fabric choice made the hood look ridiculous! It’s a double sided fleece/suedette. Gorgeous fabric, but I had to change to a stand up collar.

    1. Oh gosh thanks! But you don’t have to kill for it! Just call Textile Fabrics in Nashville. I’m sure they still have it. Have you blogged about your coat? I’d love to see it! Your quilt is amazing! I’m not sure I’d have the patience for that kind of sewing!

      1. I never remember to blog about anything!! It will be on Instagram.
        I live in Santiago Chile so ordering from Nashville isn’t really practical.
        I never thought I would have the patience for quilting either, but I was hooked after my first lesson!

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