It’s just window dressing

When we moved back to Nashville, Roger said “This is it. We’re not moving again.” Hehe. This is our seventh home in 24 years! We’ll see. But I thought, OK, it might be worth investing the time to make custom drapes. And surprisingly, I enjoyed the process! So I’ve finally decided to hang out a shingle. I’d like to start out with drapes and pillows locally around the Nashville area. Dresses, maybe later…

This is a cotton/linen blend I put in our dining room.

I made these for our office/sewing room. Yes, I tidied away the clutter so you can notice the curtains! The ironing board and other machines are coming back out in a minute. But take a look at that gorgeous 1932 Singer 15-91! More about that later. I’m studying the manual.

I like to make them wide enough (and have the rods long enough) so that they can open completely for maximum sunlight.

Below, more linen/cotton in a bedroom. All of these have a medium weight lining because I like the way it hangs.

Sew, what can I do for you? I love the whole process, from choosing fabrics to hanging them up. So let’s go shopping! You buy the fabric, and I’ll make you drapes for virtually any room – living, dining, office, bedrooms, children’s rooms, kitchens, even doors!

To see more, go to my Window Dressing page. I hope to be adding to it soon!


4 thoughts on “It’s just window dressing

  1. Laura I love that you will be helping others to make their homes beautiful!! I know your business will be successful. If I were staying I would have loved for you to make drapes for my dinning room👍

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