I lost my head over this fabric.

It’s 27 degrees. Snow flakes are falling. But I’m heading to sunny California soon, so I’m enjoying it.

And, lucky me, look at what had just arrived on my doorstep! It’s a 100% cotton by the Finnish company Marimekko. I was introduced to this fabric line by Mood blogger Sonja, of Ginger Makes. Isn’t she amazing in her Marimekko dress? This print, available from Always Mod, was probably designed to be drapes or a tablecloth. Oh my gosh what a fabulous room it would be, with drapes in this fabric! But my drapes are done and when this fabric speaks to me it’s saying celebrate summer! Summer here is hot and humid, so I want something that barely touches me. A shift dress it is!

There’s not much to say about the construction. This may be the simplest thing I’ve made. It’s all about the fabric. I used the whole width to showcase the print and get the maxi length. That meant laying it out on the crosswise grain, but there was little stretch either way, so it didn’t matter.

I moved the invisible zipper from the center back to the left side seam, to keep from breaking up those fantastic flowers, and fruit, or whatever it is!

But as sometimes happens when I modify a pattern, there was a comic moment when the light went on and I saw where I’d gone wrong. Uh, hello, Laura, with the zip in the side, the neck opening doesn’t open! My head didn’t fit through!

After a redrafted neckline and facing, I was back in business. Though this is probably not something I’d wear to a business meeting. Well, maybe in California!

Tip – if your fabric is stiff or bulky or you’re just having trouble with a curved seam like a neckline or armhole – take lots of tiny clips instead of fewer larger ones into the seam allowance after sewing in the facings or lining.

And press the seam allowance away from the garment before you edge stitch. Then press it down on the seam line. All preferably AFTER you make sure it fits over your head. And if you’re gonna wear this in the snow, put on a sweater!




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