Fabric addict hits L.A.


Cross another one off the bucket list! I finally spent a couple of days in the fabric district of Los Angeles! The overwhelming abundance of choices made it an unforgettable experience. My friend Irma and my niece Pamela made a truly special one. I’m still traveling, so there’s no sewing to report on. I’ll let the pictures tell the story.


First there was Mood. Of course. We’ve all seen it on the Project Runway series with Tim Gunn. I’ve ordered online but never seen the real thing…


So so much fabric that there are street signs to tell you where to go. I was dizzy.


Silky, floaty chiffons – so perfect for our hot climate back home. Yes, please!


Designer fabrics, stacked up like firewood. I wish I’d driven out west with a U-haul.



If you get too exhausted from all the excitement, they provide a sofa for recovery.


Help me! If only Mom could see all this! She would say, ‘Oh, my. Where do we start?’ I started and ended with the silk chiffons.


We only had a half day. The next day walked the fabric district, which is tucked into the fashion district.


Pamela couldn’t resist when we got to the faux fur vendor. Looks like the place where the Monsters, Inc. crew got their inspiration.




We didn’t have time to explore every shop, but next time we’ll make time. I hear that in some shops you can find the good stuff for amazing prices.



And finally, another mega selection at Michael Levin. No, we didn’t have a hot dog. Though I hear this food truck has got some of the best. We’d already had some zesty shrimp tostadas with cilantro and lime. I’d go back just for lunch! But look inside…


I was warmed up by then and ready to find some finds. Cotton, silk and rayon, oh my!





Across the street from their fashion fabric store, Michael Levin has a home dec shop. I love the fabric they made into pillows in the window. Trying to picture it as a dress…



There’s a loft upstairs where they sell remnants at $3 a pound! I’d never seen such a thing, but I know from reading some of my UK bloggers that it’s done over there. I was intrigued. They were tangled up in big bins, but as much as I dug in, I found no silk chiffon. I guess that would have been too good to be true. But I did find five poly cotton jersey blends that I liked – about 2 to 3 yards each of big bold prints begging to be summer maxi dresses – that totaled seven pounds. Score! Which helps reduce my average price per garment, especially when you consider the silk chiffons I splurged on at Mood.


The two embroidered cottons at the top left are from Michael Levin at $7/yard. The silk chiffons across the middle are from Mood at $20/yard. The two piques in pink and teal are from Michael Levin at $10/yard, and the five stretchy blends at right are from the ML loft at about $1/yard. I also got silk linings at ML. My total fabric spend was $410. I’m estimating 9 dresses, 2 skirts and 5 tops – averaging $26 per garment!

I would say I have my work cut out for me, but we all know the cutting out is going to take some work too!



6 thoughts on “Fabric addict hits L.A.

    1. Really?! If I lived here I’d be in serious trouble! Tell me, which of those little shops have the secret treasures? I still have a couple of days to go back…

      1. Michael Levine’s is why I go downtown. I don’t really go into the small store fronts because the quality is questionable. I love Mood, too. But I always need a project(s) in mind for Mood or Michael’s otherwise they are overwhelming. The Fabric Store, about 5 blocks up from Mood is nice. It’s small, but they have a good selection of natural fibers at reason prices.

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