All the flare without the fit

Xera dress by Pauline Alice. Boots by Old Gringo. Head statue outside Bru, a fun pub on Massachusetts Ave in Indianapolis.

Hello my friends and fellow dressaholics! It’s summertime and it’s HOT. I like hot more than cold, but I don’t like to have my clothes sticking to me. So I’ve decided to take the fit out of the fit and flare style… And go for breezy! The wheels started turning when I found Spanish designer Pauline Alice‘s Xera dress. Simple silhouette, but with some nice details. Like pockets, a front pleat and v-neck in back. Great for solids and prints. As you’ll see…

Great pattern! It looks VERY short, but not so on me. If you’re more than 5’3″ you might want to do some measuring…

Last year I found this Italian stretch cotton on the Mood website. I loved it, but wasn’t sure what to do with such a big bold print. When I found this pattern I knew. Pulled it out of my stash. Ta da!

I call it my birthday dress. Happy birthday to me! Shoes by Prada.

Note the fabulous art on my sewing room wall. Courtesy my dear friend Irma Anderson of Los Angeles, along with Floridians Jane Silva and Mary Greco.

This one is a made from a brilliant chartreuse and orange Nanette LePore fabric from my go-to favorite Textile Fabrics in Nashville. It’s a linen-silk blend and feels fantastic. Much less wrinkly than pure linen. Gosh I hate my hair right now. Growing out a pixie is NOT fun. Maybe that’s why I’m smirking.


Ok – I’m almost embarrassed about how many times I’ve already made this design… But not enough to stop. I just love reaching into my closet and pulling one out!

I added piping to the fun retro linen one on the left below, also from Textile Fabrics. The teal pique on the right is one of my finds from Michael Levine in LA last winter. Pique is such a nice fabric – great texture and weight. Should I go for bangs?


The pattern is well made and the construction is straightforward. The only change I made was to finish the yoke with China silk lining. I cut a bias strip to finish the lower armhole. I like the feel of it.


It’s even pretty from the back! Note the snazzy piping!


Next week I’m moving on to another swishy swingy design. Light and bright and looking for a breeze here in Tennessee.

Here’s another look at my inspiration wall. It always makes me smile.

My favorite is the top center – three friends by Irma Anderson. The one to the right of it is of me, sewing away on some crazy fabric Irma imagined. Where can I find it?

7 thoughts on “All the flare without the fit

  1. Laura, I absolutely love that dress!! I will miss my missed opportunity to have you help me to become a better seamstress.. If you ever get to Germany please look us up. See you on Facebook and no on the bangs=-)

  2. Zingy dresses! How fun. While I’m not much of a seamstress I am inspired by your art. Love!!! Glad you’re settled in and creating. Big hugs, Laura

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