Self drafted skirt of many colors

IMG_6706Hi all! Well this was one of those weeks. I didn’t manage to finish anything I started. Evidently my brain needs a rest. So to keep the conversation going, let’s take a look at a project from last summer, when I wasn’t blogging.

The fabric is a German silk/cotton gauze. One of my buddies at Textile Fabrics told me I HAD to buy it. It was just my style, she said. OK!


Soft and airy, it’s dreamy to wear. NOT a dream to sew on. It shifts during cutting, ravels with handling and slips when sewing! Not to mention wiggling away from the very notion of a straight hem! But I didn’t know this yet.


I decided it would be useful as a maxi skirt. I could dress it up with heels and a silk shell or down with sandals and a tank.


I didn’t have a pattern for what I wanted, but how hard could it be? I cut a wide, shaped waistband, 5″ inches longer than my measurement (1″ of ease plus 5/8″ allowances for side seams and back zipper —  and 1/4″ for just in case). I used the full width of the fabric for the front and back, cutting 1-1/4″ longer than the length I wanted (5/8″ to attach it to the waistband and 5/8″ to turn a narrow hem).


I interfaced and edge stitched the waistband so it wouldn’t roll. With all that sheerness and raveling… French seams were a must for the skirt. You can imagine the fight I had on my hands! I had some red fingers and harsh words with my iron, but I won out in the end.


On the plus side, the fabric gathered tightly without too much pouf. AND, as you may have observed, I squeezed a crop top from the remnants! It’s more cropped than I’d prefer, but does partially overlap the waistband, so you only see peeks of skin if I raise my arms. No need to go crazy with sit ups.


It’s a boatneck with back neck opening and button/loop closure. I’ve tightened up the loop since this picture, where you see me walking around Santa Barbara unbuttoned! That’s my talented artist friend Irma with me. We didn’t even plan to coordinate colors that day!


That was a fun day, last February! What did you make last week? Or last summer?

8 thoughts on “Self drafted skirt of many colors

    1. Thanks, Linda! I have to tell you, your blog name is perfect (of course, the blog itself too!). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve said ‘thanks, I made it!’ 😀

  1. Lovely outfit, I like them together and think it’s a fab look, the fabric looks a nightmare so you’ve done an amazing job to tame it. Makes me think I need more colours in my wardrobe.

    1. Thank you, Lynsey! We learn something from each project, I think. Some, more than others! Colors, yes! For me, anyway, colors make me happy. In fact, my closet is so colorful that lately I’ve been feeling the need to mix in some solid white!

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