How to make a unique shower curtain


A shower curtain is just a 72″ x 72″ square, with 12 button holes across the top. The thing is, fabrics don’t typically come that wide. You have to piece together two lengths – or three if you don’t want a seam down the middle. And you’ll need extra fabric to match up your print at the seams. So if you’re going to be going to all that trouble, why not make it your own with lots of fabrics?

You’ll recognize a few of the textiles from my victorian chair reincarnation. The others are left from other pillow and drape projects. Yes, I’ve been doing a lot of home dec sewing lately! It’s a great way to stay creative without overcrowding my closet with clothes I don’t need. Did I really say that?

I laid out a plan and took a picture of it before getting started. Note my elegant measuring tool – two yard sticks, end to end! I used my carpenters’ square to mark and cut 90 degree corners. This is important! I’m not one to follow a pattern or a recipe closely, but in this case, I’ve learned my lesson. A crooked corner will make the whole design sort of twist or sag. Which is sad.


My plan of attack was to work in sections. (I’m making this up as I go along – can you tell? Any real quilters out there are probably cringing.) For example, see the orange pagoda and the blue dot on the upper left? I sewed them together (serging first), then attached them to the floral at the far left, pressing each seam open as I went along. Next, I attached that chunk to the stripe below, and sewed that quadrant all at once to the bird print in the middle. I set that aside and worked from the other end, until I was ready to put them all together. It did get a bit awkward as it got bigger!


The curtain is straight, really! it’s the branch that’s crooked!


No, sadly, I don’t have an outdoor shower. But I thought the bohemian-ness of this design deserved a little creative photography. You should have seen me trying to reach this arched branch! I didn’t think to bring a ladder into the woods!


I serged all the seams with teal thread, which I think makes it interesting from the back. If you don’t have a serger, just zigzag. It could be lined, but I like the way the light comes through it.


I used a strip of velveteen across the bottom to tie it together, and to get me that extra length I couldn’t manage with my remnants.


The velveteen was supposed to be a dress last winter, but I found it too thick. I faced the upper edge with the striped linen and spaced my 1″ button holes 6-3/8″ apart, leaving 1-3/4″ on each end to match up with the clear liner.

This little bit of craziness is now in my guest bath. It’s so cheerful, I may have to be my guest and give it a try!


My fabric cabinets aren’t as crowded now. But I’m determined to use up more of what I have before I shop again, so watch for more ideas!

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