What to wear?

Every day is an opportunity! Here is my journey in fabric.

Lotus flower jacket

Blue Willow Dress Goes on Vacation,New Look 6824

Fab or flop?

Linen remix in watercolors, Pauline Alice Malvarossa dress

Pastels in linen, Pauline Alice Malvarossa dress

Breezy Dress, Butterick 6138


Mod Mod Xera Dress, Pauline Alice

Retro Xera Dress, Pauline Alice

Chinatown Jacket, Simplicity 1168


Winter Vacation Dress, Marimekko, Vogue 9014

Boucle Blues Coat, Simplicity 1254

Who ARE you Dress? Ultimate Shift, Sew Over It

Image 3

Play Date Dress, Vlisco cotton, New Look 6723,


Special Occasion Dress, Vlisco cotton, New Look 6723


Seabreeze Dress, Simplicity 0050


Independence Day Dress, Flora bodice (By Hans London)+ Emery skirt (Christine Haynes). Michael Miller cotton.

Sea Glass Dress, Vogue 1179 in silk jersey


Painterly Dress, Vogue 8724 in silk/cotton jersey


Writer’s Block Dress. I’m a writer. Sometimes I feel like shredding a whole day’s work.

Image 9

New Flame Dress, Vogue 1179


Runway Show Dress, Vogue 1348


Bonjour Dress, New Look 0180


Favorite Color Dress, Vogue 8828

Image 15

Cinco de Mayo Dress, New Look 6723

Image 13

Cherry Blossom Dress, Simplicity 0505

Image 12

Boardwalk Dress, New Look 6824

Image 1

Gallery Hop Dress, Vogue 1348


Happy Hour Dress, New Look 6723


Queen Anne in Cotton, Simplicity 0505


Cafe Dress, New Look 6824

Image 1

Eyes on You Dress, New Look 6824

Image 2

Dreams of Flight Dress, New Look 6824


Mandarine Dress, Christine Haynes Emery


Bamboo Flutter Dress, New Look 6824

15 thoughts on “What to wear?

  1. They are all so beautiful, it’s amazing how one pattern can look so different made up in another fabric,

    1. Thanks Ann! That’s so true! Once you find one that fits it’s so easy to just make it up again and again. Almost mindless sewing! But it is good to have some variety in design. I’m getting into knits now, and indie patterns. 🙂

  2. What a beautiful collection of dresses! May I ask a question : your dress Simplicity 0505 doesn’t look like the pattern I see on Ebay. Is it the right one? Then you did modify it alot? Thanks.

    1. Thanks Helene! I really didn’t modify it at all – just added an exposed zipper. I just looked on ebay though and saw two or three Simplicity 0505 patterns. Maybe they reuse the numbers over time? This is the one with the cut out in the back. I’ve made it twice – the Cherry Blossom and the Queen Anne in Cotton. If you scroll back on my blog page you’ll find more pics of the Queen Anne in my Easter post, including the back. Happy sewing!

  3. Just keep shopping! I have to tell you, Linda, along with your creativity, I also love the name of your blog! I think of it often – like whenever someone says ‘nice dress’ to me! I don’t always tell them I made it though… Depends on how much time I have!

    1. Progress! I think! I have found the pattern (and pinned it so I don’t forget!). Now the search for the right fabric. Thanks for bringing this pattern to my attention. It has so many possibilities! And about my blog name.. Quite often there is an incredible amount of shock in my voice when I say “I made it!!”. 😄. You and other sewists probably know what I mean!

    1. Oh my I’m so sorry! I haven’t been blogging for a long time and didn’t even see this! Thank you for your kind words. I’m sorry to have been so out of the loop! I hope you found someone more responsive to accept your honor. I’m starting up blogging again, after a year plus… best regards, Laura

  4. I dont know if you will get this, there was no other email to reach you; I just had to tell you how I LOVE your site. I am so sick of seeing women wearing black! even young women in their 20’s always seem to wear black… I hate it! Your dresses are amazing! I absolutely love the fabrics you use, they are so vibrant and exciting. I have just started sewing again, and altho in my late 50’s, I love patterns and colour. Your dresses have given me great motivation and encouragement to use great fabrics. Please keep posting!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy to have inspired you. I got back into sewing just a few years ago myself, and as a 50-something I can tell you I struggle too with today’s fashions. Why are so many people afraid of color and print? Well not us! I hope you’ll stay in touch and blog about your sewing experience. I’ve been sporadic about it myself… sometimes it seems silly to publish about a personal hobby when there are so many serious issues in the world. But then I get a comment like this and I think – well ok! Maybe I’ll doing something worthwhile! Watch for a new post in the next week or so! Laura

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